The PR Spotlight System

There is great power in storytelling. It’s been a proven and highly effective way to educate, inform and engage readers for thousands of years. The very best stories include key elements such as highly relatable characters, interesting challenges or obstacles that are creatively solved or eliminated, and the use of powerful visuals such as photos, illustrations or videos that really make the story come to life for the reader. Great stories also tend to have a theme or important message weaved into it along with the all-important happy ending.

We created the PR Spotlight System in order to help businesses see the value of storytelling. By leveraging all the elements that make a good story great, it’s easier than ever to promote your business and build your brand. We offer a step-by-step system to help you create “spotlights” on the people, products and projects that make your business unique. Our process not only helps you take the guesswork out of creating the spotlight, but it shows you how to effectively leverage it in seven easy steps to consistently build your brand and attract new customers over time.

The System shows you how to:

  1. Identify projects and team members that are newsworthy
  2. What elements or assets are needed to create a successful spotlight
  3. Leverage the spotlight in a variety of ways on a timely basis to create the most impact

We give you all the tools and guidance to create your own spotlight, but if you would prefer us to do it, we are ready to help.